2023 Fly Baby Calendar


I've always been disappointed with the aircraft calendars available on the market...lotsa warbirds, some antiques and classics, but very few homebuilts.  And next to no Fly Babies!

So...I've fixed that little problem:  Every December, I generate a calendar featuring twelve nice photos of our favorite aircraft.  Here's how you can get one:

1.  Download the following two files by right-clicking on them and selecting "save":

Text File
(Or Text File with Canadian Holidays)

Photos File

The first file is the "calendar" pages, and the second one is the photos.

2.  Find some good heavier double-sided paper for your printer.  They make some card stock that takes the inkjet inks pretty well on both sides.  Note that you'll probably have to change the printer type in your Print Options menu...the card stock I got won't feed worth a dern unless the printer is told that it's got "Matte Paper - Heavyweight.".

3.  Print out the text file on the good paper.

4.  Remove the "December" page from the stack (there are still 12 pages).

5.  Put the stack into your printer to print UPSIDE DOWN on the blank side of the page (so when you flip a calendar page up, the photo shows rightside up).

Or you can just print on separate paper (photo quality for the pictures) and glue 'em together....

6.  Print the Photos file.  Start with just one page, to ensure the two sides are at the right orientation.  Don't forget to select photo-quality output on your printer.

7.  Go to Office Max/Office Depot/Staples and get the calendar spiral bound (so it'll hang nicely, with the photo on top and the calendar pages below).

8.  Place on wall.

9.  Admire. :-)

Ron Wanttaja

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