Moonraker's Photo Album

Hey, my page, my rules.  Here's some pictures of my own Fly Baby.  I'll talk about the setup for the picture, to give you some ideas on how to make better pictures of your own airplane.

From my first air-to-air photography session, in November 2002.  KITPLANES author Ed Wischmeyer took these two pictures from his award-winning Cessna 175 while his wife Cindy flew.

One of the first posed photos I took of Moonraker.  This is on the grass at Arlington, Washington.  I'd gone to Cunningham's Aircraft covers to get the airplane measured for a cockpit cover.  There was a picnic table there, and I stood atop it to take this overall shot.  Notice how taking the picture just a couple of feet higher than a normal ground shot makes this stand out from an ordinary portrait.  I had to position the aircraft carefully to make sure the background was grass...notice how close the taxiway is at the top of the picture.  A tan airplane on green grass stands out; a tan plane on gray pavement doesn't.

One of my favorite pictures.  I did a bit of a photographer's trick, here:  I backed off a pretty far distance and used a telephoto lens to zoom in on the Fly Baby.  This has the effect of making the background...the B-17...a lot larger.

Another photographer's trick.  Yes, I *did* get a picture without a guy in it.  But, honestly, having a person in the photo helps give scale...and sometimes, a little more human interest.  I've shot a lot of pictures of people looking into the cockpit.

21st Century Lesson #1:  Never believe a photo.

Oh, I'm *just* as handsome as the photo shows (though my knee was hurting...see The Fly Baby Debut ).  And the plane is just as pretty as the picture shows.

But...there was a big Turbo Otter on floats parked behind my airplane.  Yes, I used Photoshop to delete it.  That's why the tannish-colored trailer behind my windshield looks a bit fuzzy.  A small version of the original is to the right....

Fun little flight on a 15-degree (F) day.  Note the icicles off the Agwagon in the back, and Mount Rainier in the background.  Again, I used a telephoto lens to enlarge the background.  I write about this day in (n)ice flight .

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