Robb Metcalfe's "Junkers"

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The Great War Display Team has added another converted Fly Baby to its Junkers staffel.

G-BUYU was build by John Nugent in South Wales, and was originally painted in pre-WWII US Army Air Corps colors.  Robb Metcalfe bought the plane in September 2002, and replaced the original A65 with a C-85 ("I found 65 HP a little low on power for 400 yard farm strip use!" says Robb).  Over winter of 2004, John Day converted it to a Junkers CL1 "look alike" similar to the Day/Gauld-Galliers aircraft.

Like the Day/Gauld-Galliers airplane, Metcalfe's Junkers has a surface-mount dummy gunner (e.g., there's no "pit" behind the cockpit...everthing's flush to the turtledeck.  Says Robb, "My gunner is a great guy by  the name of Hans von Knees unt Bumpsydaisy." (which is an in-joke among British sailors).  The airplane has a smoke system installed.

The Great War Display Team now has a variety of aircraft, including a Nieuport, an SE-5, a Sopwith Pup, and a Fokker Triplane.  They participated in the filming of the movie "Flyboys," though, regrettably, the Fly Babies weren't involved.   In 2005, they participated in 11 air shows.

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