Customized Fly Baby Browser

This is way cool.

If you're using the Firefox browser, there's an add-on called "Personas" which let you customize the appearance of the browser.  I've developed a Fly Baby version:

Note the line-up of Fly Babies at the top, the "Roscoe" emblem, and the lone 'Baby across the bottom.  This is just a graphic overlay; it doesn't affect the operation of Firefox at all.

To add the Persona plug-in to your Firefox browser, go to:

... and run the "Get Personas Free" function.

Then right-click on these two files to save them to your PC:

Finally, click the Fox icon on the lower left side of your Firefox window, and select "Preferences." Turn on the "Show Custom Personas in Menu" clicker and click OK. Then click the Fox again, and select "Custom Persona", then select "Edit" from its sub-menu. Select the "fb_header" file as the header, and the "fb_footer" file for the footer.

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