We concentrate on the airplanes so much that sometimes we forget that it's people that're flying them.  I've receieved so many great self-portaits from the Fly Baby community, I figured it was time to give them their own home.

John Wells, N92RT.  This was taken on a near-freezing day....

Drew Fidoe, CF-UFL (And it looks like Tom Staggs behind him!)

Here's a more-recent shot of Drew and Tom.  Note Drew has shaved and is wearing an "Intruder Mustache."

Eric Hevle, in the Hevle Classic (two-seater)

Not a self-portrait, but I though this shot of Len Mason and his Junkers Fly Baby was too good to pass up.

When you're sitting in the cockpit with a camera, one's shadow is an irrestistable target.  Here's Brain "Brain" Kissinger.

This Fly Baby pilot knows who he is, but he ain't sayin'.  He's part of the Flying Monkeys Squadon.

Here's steely-eyed Mike Marron....

Here's Hans Teijgeler, who owns the only Fly Baby in Holland.

Fair's fair.  Here I am...

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