Fly Baby Photos Page 5

Yow!  Not only a cool looking strut-braced Fly Baby, but drawings showing how it was done!  This photo is courtesy of Miguel Tschopp's web page.  This airplane was built in Argentina, and Miguel's web page includes the official drawings needed for governmental approval.
Jeff Patnaude just bought N357G and flew it 250 miles home.  He's looking ready for action in these photos.  The air-to-air one was taken by Dave Rushlow.
Chris Staples took the air-to-air shot of his grandfather Tom's canopy-equipped C-GJTS.  Tom Staples is from Victoria BC.  The canopy may look like that an ME-109, but he has a circular stick grip (a la Spitfire) to make up for it.
Paul Smeltzer's N133DH.  His has *all* the "high speed" mods except for a canopy...pressure cowling, faired-in landing gear legs, fairing on the axle, even faired-in flying and landing wire pairs.  This photo was taken at Oshkosh 2003, just after Mike Van Wyk had restored it.  Paul bought it in late 2007 from the person who'd purchased it from Van Wyk.
Speaking of High Speed...
Here's another Fly Baby with a WWI cosmetic job, N507 is a biplane in the process of being put back into flying condition.  "Schatzi" was built by a man named Cronk in 1974, and is currently owned by Michael Vessels.  The power plant is a Lyc 0-290-D2, with a big carb, but it still only a cruise of 95 to 100 kts.  The big WWI style wheels are from a Harley Davidson Trike. [August 2003]
Bill Conn's N3826 was built by a man in Missouri, with construction starting  in 1963 and first flight in 1966. 
Jim Holbrook bought this very spiffy bird ...I especially like the "reverse" of the regular paint job, with the white on the front of the plane and leading edge of the wings, rather than the darker color up front.  He's the seventh owner of this N1289F.  The previous owner did a ground-up restoration over a six-year period
N123FB was built by Michael Shallbetter with the help of Greg Talbot.  It has the C-85 12-F engine with B&C light weight starter and alternator.  Eric Simpson bought in late 2003, and Mike Marron bought it from Eric in 2004 .
Joe Jenkins just bought Will Kroger's Fly Baby.  N4688T was built in 1965 by Clarence Brueggeman of Norfolk Neb, and still has the original covering and paint.  It also has a canopy, split axle, and a pressure cowling.  (January 2003)