Fly Baby Photos Page 4

Hal Owens and Mike Hill own this pretty little Fly Baby painted like a Gee Bee. 
Here's an old picture of Fly Baby N26084 being propped.  Note the fake radiator in front of the A-65.  Chuck Davis and Jackie De Costa own this airplane's a more recent picture (taken at the Fly Baby Gathering at Flabob airport in May 2002).
Paul Lastrucci sent in some nice pictures of ZS-UFI , his brother's Fly Baby.   They live in South Africa. This plane was bought by Claude Pullen in late 2003.  Doug Reeve sent this picture of his wife's  Lycoming-powered 'Baby in flight with UFI.
Barry Ferguson took a fantastic picture of Paul Bowyers Fly Baby, C-FRDA, over the Oak Ridges Morraine in Southern Ontario (Sept 9 2001).  Paul's wife, Sharon took the nice closeup of the left side of the airplane.

Ian Cameron now owns this airplane.  His friend Don Lewis took an outstanding night shot of the airplane.
Ron Phillips owns N175X now .  The plane was built by Winnie Wackwitz of Plano, Texas in 1990, and previously owned by Robert Giddens and John Burroughs.

Rick Alter has a picture of his Fly Baby on his EAA Chapter's Web Site .
Gary Longcor bought N3481 during 2000.  He flew it for the first time in November 2000.  He sold his plane to Frank Livingston in July 2002.
Here's an air-to-air picture of Chris Brown's N2283Z, which took the best wood-airplane trophy at Arlington '95. Note Chris' special gloves...sans fingertips. I took this picture from Moonraker with a simple point-and-shoot camera.
Ross Wolin's A-75-powered beauty with Chris Brown tucked into formation with it.
Gary Parker built this Fly Baby back in the '60s. N4610G is pictured at Brainard Field in Hartford in the late '60s, when it was owned by Bob "Where's the muzzle loader" Urban