Fly Baby Photos Page 3

Bob Hesse (N711JE) and Wendell Davenport (N41017) brought their Fly Babies to the Gathering at Arlington 2002.  That's Bob's airplane in the foreground, and Wendell's behind it.  Further along the line is Tom Staples', Chris Brown's, and my own airplane. Bob Hesse sold this plane to Daily Holman in late 2006, and Bob Wampler bought it in late 2007..
Rich Dodson bought N6318.  The plane was originally built by the the late William Bensyl of Terre Haute, Indiana in 1973.  It is registered as a "Fly Baby II":  Bensyl had apparently planned on completing it as a two-seater, but changed his mind.  Rich is pulling it apart for inspection, and is considering paint job options.
LeBaron Amacker owned N709A in the mid '80s. Note the wheel pants under construction.
Jonathan Jackson of Sioux Falls bought N422A in July 2002.  It was sold to a Canadian owner a few years later.  In August 2007, Wendell Davenport, missing his previous Fly Baby, bought it and flew it from Ontairio to its new home in California.   An additional bonus:  A smoke system! 
Hank Smulder's C-GCJL.  It's got a two-piece all-aluminum gear, bolted to the bulkhead inside the fuselage.  He plans to convert it back to the stock wood legs because he prefers the looks.
NamuNamuPete Bowers' Namu was an attempt at a two-seater to follow the Fly Baby tradition.  See the Two-Seaters page.
Update Feb 2013:  Mike Madrid of Lompoc California bought Namu in late 2011, and has it flying again.
Jerry McLaughlin's N3358.  This plane was actually built by a friend of mine about thirty years has had a canopy added and the landing gear replaced with steel tube.  The canopy is interesting; you'll not it installs over the stock turtledeck.
Drew Fidoe rebuilt CF-UFL for years, after a hangar roof fell on it.  "Stringbag," as he's re-named it, now sports a WWII camouflage scheme.  Read about Drew's restoration process on This Old Plane.  

At last report, "Splinters", the "Air Mail" Fly Baby (N12049), is owned by Robert Hamilton.  Previous owners included Chuck Mikowski, Dave Koseruba, Daniel Zigo, and Rocky Phoenix. 
Nick Guida has made several long cross countries in N59RG .  Unfortunately, he's currently rebuilding it after a hangar fell on it.