Fly Baby Photos Page 2

Ron Wanttaja's N45848, dubbed "Moonraker," was built by a man named Russell in 1982.  Ed Wischmeyer shot the air-to-air picture, while his wife flew their Cessna 175. [November 2002].  The B-17 is from the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  See Also Mooraker's Photo Album
Jeff Gray sent in some pictures of Eric Whittred's Flybaby, C-GWIZ.  GWIZ sports a nose stretched two inches to accommodate Eric's six foot three frame.  A sliding canopy makes Canadian winter flying less of an ordeal. [November 2002]
Here's a neat close-up of Jeremy King flying Carol and Kelly Leggette's Fly Baby.  Jeff Thomas sent the other photo, showing this plane at a fly-in at Thomasville, GA in 2007.  The FAA says this plane was built by Don Swords.  Jonathan Mitchell bought it in June 2008.
Mike Proshold has another example of a Gee-Bee paint job on his plane.  [November 2002]
Thomas Garrison sent a picture of his grandfather's old Fly Baby.  Steve Garrison built it in the '70s, and Thomas' father finally sold it in 1988.  [November 2002]
Briton John Day built a classic Fly Bay a number of years back, and it has graced several magazine covers.  He and his co-owner, Bob Gauld-Galliers, recently re-worked their Fly Baby into something far different, though....
Bill Turner was legendary in the homebuilding community for building replicas of the race planes of the '30s.  He was also a Fly Baby fan.  Erich Pfalzer sent in some pictures of Turner's daughter, Sara Sweisberger's Fly Baby, the "Flying Outhouse." 
Wayne Spani sent this picture of his Fly Baby parked in front of a batch of warbirds owned by a friend of his.  Wayne's airplane has an O-235 Lycoming, and has flown over 1600 hours since its first flight in 1979.
Jerry David sent this picture of his Fly Baby biplane.  You can read about his first flight, too.  As of 2014, this airplane was owned by Al Hatz.  He has removed the military markings, and returned it to a "civilian" configuration.
John Fulton's Fly Baby graced the cover of EAA EXPERIMENTER in December 2001.  This picture was taken during his 29th consecutive visit to the Oshkosh Fly-In