Fly Baby Photos Page 1

N500F is the prototype. In this picture, I'm flying the airplane in mid-1988. That's Mount Rainier in the background. If it looks familiar, it's because Boeing shoots a lot of jetliner pictures with it as a backdrop.
This isn't a Fly's Story Special N1338N.  Pete was part-owner of this plane when he designed the Fly Baby.
A Fly Baby with a cowling and wheel pants...this one was built by Cliff Phillips, and is now owned by Aziz Musa .
Charlie Harp of The Sisters, Oregon bought this biplane from John Taye in 2004.   It was built by Robert Hall in 1984.

Here's Art Blodgett's two-seat Fly Baby.  He's got a sliding canopy now, instead of a gull-wing type like in the older picture.  The panel has full gyros!  This airplane is now for sale.
I'm sorry, but this picture from John Swift just gives me the giggles.  Is John passing the train...or is the train passing John? 

Brian "Brain" Kisenger bought Jerry Gardner's armed-to-the-teeth Fly Baby 2009 .  Gardner had won several "People's Choice" awards at Fly-Ins.  
Gene Fisher lives in Otis Orchards, WA, and built this Fly Baby in 1972. The canopy was done by GeeBee Canopies of Puyallup, WA. Just fifteen minutes down the road from my place, in fact. The photo was passed to me by George Jarrett, who's just getting ready to start building his own.
Here's a good in-flight picture of Don Hoover' s nice little Fly Baby.  He provides more information in the Builders page.  He's given this airplane to his good friends Charlie and Steve Gay.  They've brought this airplane out of storage and have it flying again [April 2004].
Troy Lust's Fly Baby is a show-stopper.. Notice the cosmetic work on the vertical stabilizer, making the plane look more like a 1930s fighter.  He bought this plane from Bob Grimm..