Fly Baby Photos Page 7

Bob Hunt's Fly Baby, right before his first flight on 9/1/04.  It has a 65 Continental and a McCauly 7448 metal  prop, with no electrical system.   Empty weight is 667lbs, and it indicates 80 knots at 2200 RPM.   Bob sold this plane in late 2007 to Joe Dougherty, who did some major upgrades.
Note the extended dorsal fin and the canopy arrangement on this early bird.  Don Taylor reports, "My Fly Baby was at Rockford in l968, Pete Bowers flew it there.  It was a fine airplane, I flew it l64 hours, sold it to a friend, then two other friends owned it here in Evansville.  The plane had 368 hours on it, the next owner got drunk and destroyed the plane, he survived."   Taylor later built several homebuilts of his own design...probably the neatest was the "Tinker Toy" shown here.    He says the wings were basically of Fly Baby design, only all-aluminum!
Andy Gutow's Fly Baby had kind of cropped wingtips, squared-off rudder, and a custom trailer.  He recently sold it.
When Wendell Davenport owned this Fly Baby, he lived in Hawaii and kept his Fly Baby in California.  He came back to the mainland several times a year to fly the plane, including trips to Oshkosh and Kitty Hawk.  Jim Stowe bought this plane in July 2006.   Wendell bought another one in 2007!

Fly Baby N366RZ has an A-65 and was built by Richard Zediker in 1967.  Tom Baker of Spokane, WA, bought this plane in the summer of 2014.
John Crate, of Orillia Ontario, first flew C-FSMP in 1993.
Ray Romeu sent this picture of Claude Norton's A65-powered Fly Baby, N193CB.   Fuselage was built by Claude and wings were  built by his son, Brian. Finish is silver dope. Based out of Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda FL.  It's built to plans except the bulkhead behind the seat was moved back 5" for more leg room.  I'm trying to get more information on the modification.
N6119R has a 65 hp Franklin engine and a Sterba prop.  It was constructed by Harry Myers of Willcox, Arizona, and the current owner is Mark Steele of Mesquite, Texas.
N4235A is listed as being owned by Russell Scheutz of Huntington Beach, California.  Doug Seward shot these pictures in Corona, CA.  It has a very interesting  instrument panel layout, including what looks to be an attitude indicator.
Bob Brunn's Fly Baby is based at Guelph (Ontario) airport.  Brian Cox reports that it's one of a batch of builders from Mississauga who, years ago, bought supplies together and built a number of them at the same time.  It took about five years for Brunn to rebuild.  It has stringers outside of the fuselage  to give it a rounder shape, and an O-200 mounted up front.