Fly Baby Photos Page 8

N585M was built by Raymond Mull of Benton Harbor in 1992, and has a Franklin engine.  William Bartlett of Alabama bought it in late 2007.
Many Fly Babies were started in the '60s, but a much lower number were completed.  N4640P was started in the '60s, but Ray Harper finished it in the early 1980s.  It stopped flying right after the turn of the century.  Gary Barger just got it flying again (December 2007) after a lot of work, including installation of a rebuilt A-65 with a new Ed Sterba 72-42 prop.  It's got an empty weight of 665 lbs.  You can find more about this plane on the Chapter 1016 web page
Martin Fleischhauer lives in Arizona, and bought N19DR in early 2007.
N48ML changed hands again.  Jesse Anglin of Lincoln, Nebraska bought it in 2013, and is now flying it as open cockpit.  Jesse had a friend shoot some fantastic air-to-air shots... click the thumbnail. The previous owner, Matt Michael of Osage, Iowa, made a canopy for it, and has a provided construction details.
Bob Pearce of Saskatchwan based his two-seat "Skybaby 2" on the Fly Baby design.  Many aspects were resized...for instance, the fuselage longerons are 1/8" larger and the wing is two inches broader in chort and about two feet wider in span.  It's powered by an O-235, and with a full electrical system, has a 813-pound empty weight.
Ben Kaufman of Provo Utah bought this Fly Baby as an uncompleted project when he was 15!  It took him about seven years, but he finally did get it flying.

N51808 is a biplane built by a man named Womack, and first flew in 1978.   It's got an A65 upgraded to 75 HP, a 72" Culver prop, and a transponder.  In May 2008, Paul Wayland of Iowa purchased it from the estate of the late Andy Gutow.
Dr. Bernhardt von Moltke built ZS-UEA in the late 60s, and his son, Leo, believes it was the first Fly Baby in South Africa.  The photos are interesting...the first shows a fairly conventional Fly Baby (with modified wingtips), but the second shows the same airplane with strut-braced wings and a spring-steel landing gear.  See the South African Fly Babies page to see a magazine photo of this aircraft.
Ed Leineweber  purchased this plane from John Duvall in the Orlando in May 2008.  It was ferried up by a friend, Jet Blue pilot Eric Slayback, who is the guy in the photo.  Eric made it from Florida to Wisconsin, a distance of about 1,100 sm., in a day and a half.

Joe Dougherty of Aurora IL bought N4377U from Bob Hunt in December 2007, and had it re-registered as N922JK.  He completed a 360 hour rebuild in June 2008.  Major changes were:  new paint, windshield, floorboards, veneers, seat, instrumentation, carb, mags, accessory case, and general touch-up.  He received with a Bronze Lindy award at AirVenture 2008.