Fly Baby Photos Page 9


N7627C was completed by Chuck Baynard of Suffolk VA in September 2008.   It has a newly overhauled A-65 with new Millenium cylinders and a new Sensenich wooden prop.  Chuck did it all, including the covering and painting.  Of the first flight, he writes:  "I was amazed at 
how well it flew and how solid it felt.  The first landing was a little exciting, but the gear was still in place after rollout, so I 
call that a good start."

N5261S was built by Russell was the mini-Fly Baby.  The big Fly Baby's first flight was in 2007.

N187BB is now owned by Vaughn Roberts. He formerly owned N175X, sold it, but the attraction was still there.  He bought N187BB as a replacement.  This Fly Baby was built in 1997.

N7178F is owned by Don Profota of Bozeman, Montana.  The plane was built in 1991.  It has a gorgeous maple panel. 

C-GVSB "Chuckbird" is the third Fly Baby of the Victoria Squadron.  John Gibbons is the owner.

N5540V was built by Erling Felland in 1986.  The late Harry Myers of Willcox Arizona bought the plane in December 2009 after it had a prop strike.  He replaced the O-200 engine and prop and also did some panel additions.It is full electric with Radio & GPS.  Cliff Van Vleet bought it in 2020.

 Anthony Hershberger bought N2769 in 2006, and is currently restoring it. He writes "This picture was taken at Oshkosh in 1974. The aircraft had not flown, and was trailered onsite. The aircraft appears to have been ready for its airworthiness inspection at the time the photo was taken. It has a very unique paint job to look like wooden boards. The vertical tail had a crescent moon like an outhouse. Near the windscreen was the name of the aircraft- “Knot Whole”.

"It has an A-65 for power. It has the half door behind the seat, no headrest, and a fixed turtledeck. I plan on changing the turtledeck and adding the new door and the headrest. I also plan on adding the bi-plane fittings while it is opened up."

John Wells bought N92RT from Dick Moga in December 2009. He also sent in a self-portrait, taken on a freezing day...

N101LX was painted like a Japanese Zero.  It was lost in a wing-failure accident in 2007.

Howard Holman of Rialto CA bought N4320K from Bill Dernell in Walsenburg Colorado in Feb. 2010 so he could sell his Marquart Charger and fly sport category, thanks to FAA Med section.  He spent 12 years building it and had a friend fly it for only 10 hrs.

Update - Howard reports the plane has received new paint, a new windscreen, a new glider hook and a rebuilt tail post.  All-up weight is 647 pounds and it "Flies like it's supposed to."  The picture on the right shows Howard with the airplane before the restoration.