A Hot One

Posted August 2023

The weather in the Seattle area is generally moderate. Until about ten years ago, the temperature here had never exceeded 100 degrees, nor gone below 0 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course).

Been different the last couple of years. We set a new record of something like 114 degrees a couple of summers back. We used to rarely get stretches with high temperatures in the 90s, now it's a bit more common.

Been in another hot stretch lately.

Funny how the air traffic seems to decrease when it gets really hot. I suspect those closed cabins are VERY uncomfortable for someone heading out to shoot some touch-and-goes.
Those of us with open-cockpit airplanes, though.....

I usually wear a helmet year 'round with my flying, but when it gets above 90 I try to leave it behind. This is where my homebuilt headset REALLY shines... it doesn't need a helmet to hold it on.

I have sensitive eyes, though, and generally try to at least wear a pair of goggles.

Ron Wanttaja

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