Tales of Fly Baby Pilots and Owners

One nice thing about the Internet is its immediacy. For years, I've come home from flying my 'Baby and posted about the fun, goofy, or improbable things that happened on the just-completed flight. These usually aren't written all that well, but I think they indicate just how much fun a Fly Baby is.

Most of the stories below are written by myself, but some are written by other pilots who have caught the Fly Baby bug.  Click the buttons above for the general categories.

Ron Wanttaja

First Flights


These stories cover both the aircraft side and the personal-equipment side of Fly Baby ownership


Ron Wanttaja's Stories

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Bill Hills

JB's Stories

JB's BiplaneJohnnie Bullens owns a Fly Baby biplane, and has been writing stories about this own flying experiences.

The Stringbag Saga

StringbagA hangar fell on Drew Fidoe's Fly Baby (!), and he spent about ten years restoring it.  He gave in a WWII RAF paint scheme, and has named it "Stringbag" in honour of the Royal Navy's Swordfish torpedo biplane.

Matt Michaels (aka WBYonder)

John Hudson Tiner

Jim Wilson's Long Trip

Francis Londo built one of the first owner-constructed Fly Babies.  The local paper ran an article on him....


There have been a couple of folks who have written poetry about Fly Babies and/or their relationship to them.

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