The Voice...and Not in a Good Way

August 2021

How we hear our own voices doesn't match what other people hear.

We hear our own voices through the structures of our heads.  This acts like a filter, getting rid of higher frequencies and making our voices seem much deeper.  This is why we have trouble recognizing ourselves on a recording.

I'm a prime example of that.  To me, my voice sounds like George C. Scott.  To everyone else, I sound like PeeWee Herman.

(Trivia point:  Scott is most famous for portraying General George Patton.  Yet Patton himself had a rather high-pitched voice...)

In addition, my voice is apparently a bit distinctive. The PeeWee analogy is much more strong than I would care for.

Evidence:  I stopped by the airport today to schedule my BFR.  The FBO is fairly new to the airport, so haven't worked with them before.

Went in, and there were four young folks sitting in the office.  I mentioned I needed a BFR, and they asked if I was current.  "Yeah, I fly the Fly Baby...."

"OH YEAH" they all chorused.  "We recognize your voice!  'Fly Baby downwind for 34 at Auburn!'"

So I guess my reputation precedes me....

Ron Wanttaja

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