Posted June 2023

One of the aspects that I love about owning an airplane are those occasional times where I can do a little bit of work and make the plane look a bit better.  Puttering, in other words...just fiddling with the airplane in ways that doesn't affect its airworthiness.

Had that opportunity this afternoon. The right-side wing walk has been bugging me for a while. It was really chipped, showing the silver substrate in a number of places. I'd replaced the left-side wing walk with the wing repairs 18 months ago, so the wing walks didn't match in appearance.  This picture is from BEFORE I did the left-side wing walk, but shows how the right side was showing some open spots.

Had the Airport Days coming up in two weeks, when ol' Moonraker was set up as a photo background. Had got a nasty cold and didn't want to fly, but this looked like a good opportunity to putter in the hangar.

First thing was to remove the old wing walk. I used a wide chisel to get under it and separate it from the wing. Came off in a bunch of pieces, of course.

Once the wingwalk was off, I scrubbed the area with acetone. Washed it down with water, afterwards.

I had wingwalk material left over from doing the left wing. Cut a new piece to size (8" x 30") and marked the starting point on the wing.

At that point, it was just peel and stick. It did (of course!) manage to stick in an awkward way, but was able to pop it off and lay it down fairly smoothly.

Anyway, it's purdier now, and both sides match!

Ron Wanttaja

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