Drew's 20th Anniversary

By Drew Fidoe
Posted January 2017

20 years ago today, my Fly Baby got wrecked in a one-in-70 year snow storm which hit Victoria on January 29th.  We got about 3 feet of wet snow, which shut down most roads, and roofs of many buildings in the region collapsed under the weight of the snow, including the hangar in which my FlyBaby was parked.  The pictures below (pre-digital days for me) include two pictures of CF-UFL shortly after I got it flight worthy after its first restoration.  I flew it for 6 months prior to the collapse.   The second two pictures were taken on the 31st after the rains started.  You can see me in the crushed cockpit in one image, disconnecting the flight controls and wing spar pins, but the chainsaw in the second image says it all...

Drew Fidoe

[RJW Note:  Of course we can't leave it here.  Drew DID rebuild the airplane.  Here's what it looks like today....]

For the story of the restoration, see Drew's "This Old Plane."

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