Marking Its Territory

Posted March 2023
Old adage about airplanes:  "It's not dripping's just marking its territory."

When I get done flying, I taxi back to my hangar, cutting the mags 25 or so feet from where my hangar is. I coast the rest of the way, kicking the tail around to point at the hangar door with the last bit of momentum

Today, when I climbed out of the airplane, I noticed a whole lot of oily dots near the center line of the taxiway in front of the hangar.

My airplane has a long tube to be able to vent the crankcase breather without having it smear on the airplane. You can see the tube sticking down below the axle near the wheel.

All those oily dots show where I've been shutting down the airplane after dozens of flights. Lighter ones, too, fading in the sun and rain.

Grouping's not TOO bad. Gonna have to work on it....

Ron Wanttaja

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