Oh, Truck!

Posted February 2023

Had an aviation trade show this weekend in Puyallup (South of Seattle) and there was an interesting meeting.

I was wearing my leather jacket with the Roscoe patch. Man came up to me, all excited. His name was Robert Londo.  His father, Francis Londo, had been a friend of Pete's and built one of the first owner-built Fly Babies...and probably the first with a canopy. The man was overjoyed that the Fly Baby world was still turning.

He has his father's old Fly Baby scrapbook, and send me some scans.  Most of these are from an article the Seattle Times ran on Londo's Fly Baby in April 1967.

This shows Londo and Pete looking over the airplane at Thun Field, in Puyallup Washington.  This is about 30 miles south of Seattle.  Pete did the first flight of this airplane.

This shot is obviously *not* associate with the first flight, but does tell us what Francis Londo did for a living....

Picture from the article showing the shop.

Francis Londo...

Pete flying Londo's airplane.  One of the few pictures I've seen with Pete bundled up while flying.

Here's a rough shot of the eventual configuration, with canopy and wheel pants.

Ron Wanttaja

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