The Webmaster's (old) Clothes

Posted May 2023

My wife said I looked like a toddler when you put his favorite blanket into the washing machine.

After ~18 years of service, I reluctantly dropped my leather flying jacket off for repairs. The zipper was broken; the liners on both of the pockets were gone.

The seamstress at the repair place marveled at the condition of the jacket...the leather shell was intact, no tears or cuts, the polyester lining didn't have any wearing or tears. Other than one slightly worn cuff and the stuff I was getting repaired, the jacket was in nearly new condition.

The irony was a cheap jacket, bought from Sears for $120. I didn't *expect* it to last this long.  The repair bill was TWICE that.

I posted to the old Yahoo list when I bought it. I fully expected it to be cheap, and wear out after a couple of years. Instead, it just keeps going.

Surprisingly good build quality. The jacket is, apparently, cowhide, like the originals, and cowhide wears extremely well. Most modern jackets soften the leather to make it more comfortable, and I think it affects their durability.

Got it back two weeks later.  It was like meeting an old friend.

Anyway, for a few's the posting I made back in 2005, after buying this jacket.

Ron Wanttaja

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