Fly Baby Bulletins Download

Back in the late '60s, Hayden Ferguson published a newsletter for Fly Baby builders.  Hayden has kindly provided me with a clean copy of all the newsletters, and permission to reprint them.  I sold reprints for several years.  In September 2006, Steve Pitts of Anacortes, Washington scanned in all 200 pages and converted it to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  This was nicely done; some of the photos look clearer than they do in the hard-cover copies!

Steve settled on a compromise that has the PDF pages presented as an image to preserve the character of the original bulletins, but ran the images through the Acrobat OCR routine so the search tool would work.  Keep in mind that the OCR isn't perfect; there are some words the routine didn't read properly.  But it's better than no search at all.

I recently merged Steve's individual files together to generate a single file with complete set of bulletins, about 200 pages/25 Mb.  I did notice the search function didn't work as well with this combined file.

Here are the individual segments, for which search might work better.  Each file is 20 pages long.

If you download the PDF files to your hard disk, the links at the end of each segment will load in the next.

The result was nine files, a total of ~20 Megabytes.  This is fine if you have high-speed Internet, but too slow if you're running dialup.  I still have some hard-copies of the bulletins left ($20), or I'll burn you a CD-ROM for $5.  Both prices include postage.  See the For Sale page.

Ron Wanttaja